Cara mengobati wasir dengan bawang Putih

Various studies show that raw garlic is an effective natural remedy to overcome hemorrhoids. Then how ingredients are named in latin as Allium sativum, this can treat hemorrhoids? Here we refer to the reviews details. The greatness of Allicin in Garlic When used to treat hemorrhoids, garlic is able to produce 3 a beneficial effect at once, namely as an antibiotic, blood pressure-lowering, as well as a source of antioxidants. Various studies found that the active component named alisinlah which apparently contributed to the majority of the healthy benefits of garlic.
Therefore this component also gives the fragrance a strong on the onion, then always use the garlic that is fresh and organic rather than processed into pills. Various findings mentioned that allicin is the component in charge of protecting the onions from the variety of pesticides as well as harmful bacteria. In addition is antibacterial and antifungal also, the content of sulfur in the structure of allicin acts like antibiotic. But the content of sulfur is also often make onions irritate the soft tissue tract anus some hemorrhoid sufferers.

And as soon as the garlic cut or mashed, then the content of alisinnya turn into a component of the acid 2-propanasulfonat. This component acts as an antioxidant because it can bind and get rid of harmful free radicals. How is the garlic processed? Some people are less resistant with the aroma of fresh garlic is too strong will usually choose to use it in the form of tablets or powder.

But unfortunately, the tablet or powder is not a pure form of garlic because of the content of alisinnya usually already lost. Whereas without the allicin, then the effectiveness of onion grey involved is reduced. How to treat hemorrhoids with garlic? Garlic can be used as a suppository (medication inserted in the rectum) to get rid of hemorrhoids. In addition to reducing inflammation, garlic works by strengthening blood vessels and kill germs in the area of the rectum. The content of astringent in the herbal ingredients can also heal the walls of damaged blood vessels.

Whereas an enema (injection of urus-urus) fresh garlic can cleanse the digestive tract so that the uncomfortable moment of the CHAPTER so reduced.

Steps treating hemorrhoids with white bottom:
1. Eat to relieve the pain, itching, and irritation caused by haemorrhoids. You can crush or chop finely fresh garlic, and let stand 8-10 minutes so alisinnya out. After that swallow the garlic (like swallowing pills) before or while eating, then drink water. In this way, the consumption of onions won't be accompanied with a pungent aroma that annoying smell.
2. Suppository (Inserted into the anus) – peel 1 clove of garlic small-sized, then coat with coconut oil or olive, and gently push the get into the rectum before going to bed. Leave overnight, and the garlic will come out by itself when the CHAPTER tomorrow morning. Do as much as 3 times a week to alleviate the symptoms.

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